City Guide: Dublin

As soon as I stepped off the bus in a big fuzzy coat & looked around for the first time at Dublin, my heart literally did a leap in excitement. There was something about the city that immediately felt like home to me.

Nothing gets me more excited than spending a beautiful, chilly Saturday wandering the Dublin streets, meeting friends &  getting a hot chocolate at my favorite spots in the city.









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In retrospect

April has been enormously hectic – beautiful, yet exhausting! Things are busy over here & I have really been struggling to find the time to blog between other things in the past few months. But I have found a moment to create words & I’m here to share them with you. ✨

IMG_20170502_204156 - copia
It had been raining a lot these last weeks & it was so pretty. I love the relaxing sound of rain on a roof, which is comforting for no particular reason whatsoever & all the more beautiful because of it; the smell & the way the wind rises before a storm. Rainy days have tiny magic moments.


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Gap year

For me, 2016 has been incredibly fast, demanding, & full of accomplishments I could only dream of the year before. I never thought any of these things would happen within a mere year. And one of the best decisions was definitely, taking a gap year.

Finishing high school is such a great accomplishment, but before you’re out the door you’re bombarded with college applications & constantly pressured to jump right into college after high school.




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Finding happiness

The sun is shining & the sky is a lovely shade of blue today. I was expecting some time off this month after the hecticness that was December, but as it turned out, when January rolled around I just hit the ground again.

I’m amazed by how many people don’t realize that having a good mindset makes a huge difference in your attitude towards life. You can actually train your mind to become anything you want. Set your intention to be a more compassionate & caring person, & as time goes by you will become it & end up being a much happier person.


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Life lessons

How ridiculous it feels to be 18.

tumblr_o7bpntjIaX1uhuqz4o1_1280I think it’s wonderful the fact that I can benefit from other people’s experiences & the lessons they have learned over the years.

I find myself reminding them daily because life is motion & change but the experiences & lessons remain  ☁️




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Autumn walk

October has been pretty busy & has just flown by! 🐞

What I love about those rainy autumn days is walking through the fallen leaves, sun rays, embracing the smell of the wood & thinking about life. However, autumn is slowly coming to an end – & also 2016. But that’s insane, like wasn’t it April just a few days ago?

So I’ve used these lovely walks to think a little bit about the month/year so far & the good moments in this Autumn x

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