Simple pleasures

Sometimes I am too busy & it can be easy to forget to appreciate the small but wonderful things in my daily life.
I wish there were more hours in a day sometimes. But I should stop to enjoy the happy pleasures of life. I want to become more aware of the little things that will fill my heart with happiness + joy.




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I’ve always been a shy person. It’s something that has been a big part of my personality since childhood. Even though I’ve come a long way over these past years & I improved a lot, it’s still something that I deal with sometimes.

Of course, I am not going to become a social butterfly overnight – & I don’t even want to. But I challenge myself & I am learning to gradually step out of my comfort zone everyday.



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The comfort zone

I like to make sure my days are as different as possible to keep things fun + interesting. Our minds are so powerful & it can be so easy to forget that they can completely overrule anything else.

Everyone has their little insecurities – I got a lot more self-confident in the past few years. I learned to step out of your comfort zone + be more mindful


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Self care & positivity

A happy mind is a happy life.

I know I come with flaws, as every single human, but flaws makes me what I am. sin-tituloI know that life comes with sadness & injustice. But hard situations can be handled. I just need to believe in myself. Loving + trusting myself is so important.


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A work in progress

Here I am sitting down on a late afternoon, writing after another looong week. ✍🏼

For the past 3 weeks I have had my exam period. Right now, I’m feeling so calm + happy. Time moves slowly now & that’s possibly due to the fact I have no commitments holding me down.



I have finally escaped the shackles of exams & my summer vacation has officially start! All these weeks of hard work & no sleep have paid off. My final grades were pretty good, I’m so happy it’s over & I’m looking forward to 2 months of sleep + fun.

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My favourite books

This time of the year is always the time I read the most, there is honestly nothing better than sitting going to the pool with a good book in one hand & an ice cream in the other hand.

Isn’t it magical to enter new worlds without leaving home? Books always inspires me & spark my imagination; it allows me to look at the world from different perspectives.

Sin título
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New opportunities

It’s a nice spring day,

the world revolves around me in a whirlwind of color. It’s too early + it’s monday but that shouldn’t stop me from making this week a great one.

Today is a new day full of tumblr_nxqk9gaja41uhuqz4o1_500new opportunities; to go on adventures, doing what I am passionate about, stay close to nature, go to unusual places, have new experiences, to slay the world !

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