Finding happiness

The sun is shining & the sky is a lovely shade of blue today. I was expecting some time off this month after the hecticness that was December, but as it turned out, when January rolled around I just hit the ground again.

I’m amazed by how many people don’t realize that having a good mindset makes a huge difference in your attitude towards life. You can actually train your mind to become anything you want. Set your intention to be a more compassionate & caring person, & as time goes by you will become it & end up being a much happier person.


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Life lessons

How ridiculous it feels to be 18.

tumblr_o7bpntjIaX1uhuqz4o1_1280I think it’s wonderful the fact that I can benefit from other people’s experiences & the lessons they have learned over the years.

I find myself reminding them daily because life is motion & change but the experiences & lessons remain  ☁️




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Quick guide to Meditation

I think one of the most important habit I’ve formed in the past years is Meditation.

Meditation has helped me to become more calm, open-minded,  focused & less stressed. Before I started meditating, I never thought about what was going on inside my head — “you want me to sit for 10min & try not to think? I’m too busy for that.”


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The comfort zone

I like to make sure my days are as different as possible to keep things fun + interesting. Our minds are so powerful & it can be so easy to forget that they can completely overrule anything else.

Everyone has their little insecurities – I got a lot more self-confident in the past few years. I learned to step out of your comfort zone + be more mindful


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