Life lessons

How ridiculous it feels to be 18.

tumblr_o7bpntjIaX1uhuqz4o1_1280I think it’s wonderful the fact that I can benefit from other people’s experiences & the lessons they have learned over the years.

I find myself reminding them daily because life is motion & change but the experiences & lessons remain  ☁️




I am happy with what I have & who I am, I don’t have to hunt for happiness. I am aware of & respect my emotional limits. And it’s not how much I give but how much love I put into giving. Because if I failed, it means I tried. Experiences are better than material possessions & age is just a number, it doesn’t define me. I am not always right & I must take risk to change. I don’t have to worry about the things I can’t control but my intuition is very powerful. And sometimes I just need to slow down, remain calm & simply let life happen. I will never get the same moment twice. My body is my temple, & I have to remember to take care of it. I can do whatever I put my mind to.


Having patience & being present will make meflora 3 much happier in life. Little things are so important. I am always learning. And I must never judge someone by the opinion of another. I am kind no matter what, even to myself. My past doesn’t define my present & no one has the right to make me feel inferior without my consent. Everyone feels scared about growing up, I’m not alone. And most important, negative thoughts will only bring bad things


And the best is yet to come!

26 thoughts on “Life lessons”

  1. I guess this goes on with life, regardless of age and everything. I’m 22 and still feeling doubts about a lot of things even when I felt I’m experienced and ready to deal with life.

    loved this one: You can do whatever you put your mind to.

    Happy birthday, sweetheart. 🌠

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