Self care & positivity

A happy mind is a happy life.

I know I come with flaws, as every single human, but flaws makes me what I am. sin-tituloI know that life comes with sadness & injustice. But hard situations can be handled. I just need to believe in myself. Loving + trusting myself is so important.


Everything that happens helps me grow, even if it’s hard to see now. I’ve come pretty far. Things will get better.

Happiness is a path, not a goal. I am grateful & accept what I have. I am proud of myself. I stay close to anything that makes me glad I am alive. I made my mental health a priority. I fill my mind & soul with positivity. I live in the present.


flora 1


I don’t have to feel bad for putting myself first & doing what is right for me. I learn to forgive to be at peace with myself. And I don’t need public acceptance to feel accepted. I just do what my soul says. I am not afraid to do things that I love. I don’t let other people’s opinion affect my love & passion over something. I will believe in yourself. Always.

21 thoughts on “Self care & positivity”

  1. thank you very much for this little burst of positivity – i didn’t know how much i needed it until now 🙂


  2. Amazing 🎑
    Reading your blog post after a long time but couldn’t stop myself to say ett es as beautiful as first post.

    To do list es as simple & positive as you intended to make this post 😉 I enjoyed brainstorming the things I’ve. Great idea 💕

    lots of love and prayers, Lydia xx

    Fatima 😊


  3. I love how positive and encouraging your blog is. In the midst of all the craziness in the world, it’s a breath of fresh air for me. Thank you. We need more voices like yours.


  4. I love the to-do list that you created, and this whole post in general. It’s so inspiring and encouraging~ 🙂


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