In retrospect

April has been enormously hectic – beautiful, yet exhausting! Things are busy over here & I have really been struggling to find the time to blog between other things in the past few months. But I have found a moment to create words & I’m here to share them with you. ✨

IMG_20170502_204156 - copia
It had been raining a lot these last weeks & it was so pretty. I love the relaxing sound of rain on a roof, which is comforting for no particular reason whatsoever & all the more beautiful because of it; the smell & the way the wind rises before a storm. Rainy days have tiny magic moments.


I recently spent a rainy April week with my uncle & aunt in their home in Stockholm. It was a lovely visit, spent mainly outdoors with lots of food, sightseeing & long walks. In other words, the perfect brief respite.

Isn’t it funny how when you travel you open up parts of yourself you thought were closed, like pages you’d stuck together with no intention of viewing again? I’m reminded of the quote, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” But what if you wrote your own story as you travel, & the world continues to remind you of certain pages when you’re back out there again discovering new things?

flora 1

Scuffling feet, crisp footsteps. Raised voices, hands in pockets, city maps. Silence, wonder, intent gazes, soft murmuring. Laughter, pointed fingers, wandering eyes. I’m sure I had time. And even then it was not enough – I need more time to explore a place like this.
But that will have to wait for the next time I find myself back in Stockholm.


Thank you for bearing with me & my monologuing. I hope you enjoyed it. Farewell to the sun & hello to the moon, which floats in an atmosphere coloured by sunset hues.


flora 3

2 thoughts on “In retrospect”

  1. What a lovely picture of a rainy day. I completely agree with what you wrote about traveling, and it’s funny because I’ve also been drafting a similar post about the emotions we go through when we explore old, new places.

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